Best calcium nitrate fertilizers for fertigation and hydroponics.

Calcium Nitrate fertilizers for fertigation and hydroponic solutions.

Custom Hydro specializes in supplying the purest most concentrated fertilizers for commercial cultivation of high value crops in hydroponics and constant liquid feed fertigation systems. Our selection of calcium nitrate fertilizers is the widest available.


  • Yara Liva CalciNit 15.5-0-0 (19% calcium) greenhouse grade calcium ammonium nitrate.
  • Haifa Cal Prime 17-0-0 (23.5% calcium) concentrated anhydrous calcium nitrate with low ammonium content (0.3% NH4).
  • The Andersons PureCal 13-0-0 (18% calcium)ammonium free calcium nitrate trihydrate. Made in the USA!
  • Athena PRO CORE 14-0-0 (18% calcium) with micronutrients
  • Peters Professional Hydroponic Boost 14-0-8 (13.6% calcium) 
When developing a nutrient program for hydroponics and fertigation, I always start with fulfilling my calcium requirement with calcium nitrate as the first step in calculating the fertilizer inputs needed to build the complete solution. This is why calcium nitrate is the core, base component in any water-soluble fertilizer program. It provides all or almost all of the calcium required, and a very large portion of the nitrogen needed for most horticultural crops grown in controlled environments. Calcium nitrate is completely soluble in water and has a high maximum solubility. This makes it ideal for making concentrated stock solutions for inline injection into fertigation and hydroponic solutions.

Purchase your preferred calcium nitrate fertilizer online or in store today from Custom Hydro.

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