Custom Commercial Cannabis Fertilizers

Custom Formulated Fertilizer Recipes for Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

If you operate a commercial cannabis cultivation facility, you should be mixing your own in-house liquid fertilizer concentrates from the pure raw materials. The market is saturated with over-priced fertilizers claiming to be cannabis specific, but nothing is more specific than custom formulated and mixed in-house. Ironically nothing is more cost efficient than mixing in-house fertilizer concentrates either. With the high-tech fertigation control systems available to professional growers that offer multiple channels or stock tanks, the possible working solutions that can be mixed and distributed automatically is nearly limitless. ?Custom commercial cannabis fertigation

Avoid the unspoken Canna-Tax on cannabis specific fertilizer products that come from unknown manufacturers with unbelievable labels and outrageous price tags.

The hydroponic water-soluble fertilizer materials that we supply at Custom Hydro are the purest, most concentrated fertilizers available. We only stock fertilizers from the most reputable suppliers in the world. All heavy metals analyses are posted online at the CDFA fertilizer database website. The labels are true and accurate. You can trust that what you are applying to your plants is only what you intended to be applying.

Need help formulating and implementing a commercial cannabis fertilizer management plan?

We have worked with many commercial cultivators directly and we have a network of trusted independent cannabis consultants across the nation that we can recommend.

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