Cannabis Fertilizers, pre-mixed options for small, medium and large scale cannabis cultivation.

Premixed fertilizers designed for cannabis

Professional options for small, medium and large-scale growers.

Today growers have several quality options to choose from for cannabis specific fertilizer blends. Custom Hydro stocks many brands that will serve small, medium or large-scale growers nutrient needs.

Athena PRO cannabis fertilizers.

Athena Ag, PRO line

CORE 14-0-0 

 — GROW 2-8-20 

 — BLOOM 0-12-24

Athena AG's PRO line is a 3-part, dry, commercial cannabis fertilizer. The CORE is a calcium nitrate and micronutrient mix used in combination with either the GROW or the BLOOM depending on plant stage. Ideal for mixing stock tanks and compatible with all dosing systems. This large-grind mix is 100% soluble and will not clog fertigation systems or leave sediment in hydroponic reservoirs.

JR CropTech Cannabis Fertilizers

JR Croptech

— Vegetative Mix 9-17-28

Flower Mix 0-21-26 

Calcium Nitrate (part B for all JR Croptech mixes)

Calcium Chloride (late flower fade additive)

JR Croptech, connecting science & cultivation.   With more than 10 years of research and development Josh Neulinger has teamed with Ramsey Nubani to bring to market a simple two-part cannabis Vegetative and Flowering fertilizer mix for commercial production.

MasterBlend International fertilizers for cannabis

MasterBlend International

Lettuce Formula 8-15-36 (cannabis veg) 

Tomato Formula 4-18-38 (cannabis early bloom)

Bloom Formula 0-20-42 (cannabis late bloom)  

Calcium Nitrate (part B for all MasterBlend mixes)

Masterblend water-soluble fertilizer for hydroponics and continuous liquid feed (fertigation) programs is manufactured and blended with a precise balance of only the highest technical grade major and minor nutrients. Why? Because purer fertilizer delivers higher levels of nutrition for your crops.

Peter's Professional Hydroponic Special Cannabis Fertilizer.

Peter's Professional Water Soluble

Hydroponic Special 5-11-26

Hydroponic Finisher 0-15-30

Hydroponic Boost 14-0-8

Calcium Nitrate (part A for Hydroponic Special 5-11-26)

Designed exclusively for commercial hydroponic culture, this classic formula is ideal for most hydroponic production crops, especially tomatoes, cucumbers and cannabis.  Flexible B (Base) formulation is easily augmented to meet unique plant needs. Paired with Calcium Nitrate in the A stock tank to make a complete nutrient solution.  Peters Professional Hydroponic Special 5-11-26 fertilizer is effective for all water types. Buffered to help maintain acceptable working solution pH..

Plant Prod MJ Cannabis Fertilizers

Plant Prod MJ

— Cal Kick 15-0-14

— Grow 12-8-6

— Bloom 10-30-20

— Boost 15-30-15

— Finisher 4-31-37

Simple yet scientific. The Plant-Prod MJ line of water-soluble fertilizers was designed to bring our 70 years of experience to the cannabis growers of today. Plant-Prod by Plantex is excited to provide growers of medical marijuana products that are scientifically optimized, consistent and completely soluble. Plant-Prod MJ is a cannabis fertilizer made with the best raw materials blended, it provides your plants with optimal mixes for specific environments.

FloraFlex Nutrients cannabis fertilizers.

FloraFlex Nutrients

V1 & V2, 2-part vegetative

B1 & B2, 2-part bloom

— Full Tilt, bloom enhancer

— Veg Foliar and Bloom Foliar

The team at FloraFlex worked hard to develop a high-quality clean nutrients package that any grower can easily use. Using FloraFlex hydroponic fertilizer in your grow provides the perfect solution to keep your cannabis plants happy and healthy. The simple 2-part Veg nutrients and Foliar will help you promote vigorous growth in the vegetative stage. Our 3-part Bloom nutrients and Foliar will promote big, dense, and trichome filled buds. The team at FloraFlex® provides premium powder fertilizer for hydroponic growing.

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